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Rehabs Baltimore provides information on drug and alcohol addiction treatment including drug detox, inpatient addiction treatment and other substance abuse treatment programs for residents of Baltimore and the surrounding areas.

If you’re struggling with substance abuse, it’s easy to feel scared and alone. But when you contact our addiction specialists, we can guide you to a program that treats substance abuse. We understand that addiction is a powerful disease and can require intense treatment. Whether you’re fighting alcohol addiction or drug addiction, we want to help you start the process to remove the substances from your body while you receive treatment for the root causes of your addiction. While it is not an easy journey, we’re here to guide you to the best treatment possible. We understand that it takes courage to take the first step and ask for help. You’re more than just a number, and we can help you find a medically supervised drug rehab program that uses a plan customized for you and your individual situation.

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Information on drug addiction

Your addiction will not look the same as anyone else’s; the type of substance used, the frequency, and the length of usage determine your level of addiction. You may have decided to try the substance just once to experiment. In some cases, that’s all it takes to start developing a tolerance and realize that you need more of the drug on a regular basis.

Those fighting addiction may realize they are:

• Taking out new lines of credit to buy more drugs.
• Taking part in illegal and dangerous activities while under the influence.
• Feeling intense withdrawal symptoms when not using the substance.
• Seeing family and friends less frequently.
• Changing their eating, sleeping and recreational habits.
• Struggling with work or school.

You may be disturbed or even scared when you see yourself behaving differently than normal. We understand this, and we believe in your ability to take the steps necessary to fight substance use disorder. Call us at (866) 273-3660 and talk to our addiction specialists about how drug and alcohol inpatient treatment can help you take your life back.

Finding help for substance use disorder

While it may be tempting to try to kick addiction by yourself, this can be difficult. There may be underlying triggers contributing to the addiction. These can include mental illness, a stressful work environment or problems at home. You may find that inpatient addiction treatment is more effective when you are able to separate yourself from these factors. When you join a safe, caring and supportive inpatient substance abuse treatment program, you will be able to focus on treating the addiction as well as the underlying causes.

If you are facing a severe addiction, you may find that an inpatient treatment program with drug detox will provide more benefits than outpatient addiction treatment. This program will allow you to stay at a treatment center for a short period of time in order to completely focus on your drug or alcohol detox. The program’s team will provide full-service care as your body is cleansed from the substances and starts to recover. Alternatively, if you recognize that you need treatment but are unable to go through inpatient treatment, outpatient drug treatment is available. This program will provide regular treatment in a method that allows you to stay at home and continue work.

The first step to recovery is to contact us. We urge you to call (866) 273-3660 and discuss the options available with an addiction specialist. Our staff will provide you with information about available programs and help you choose the best one for you.

How we take the guesswork out of alcohol and drug rehabilitation options

Our professionals have years of experience helping others just like you. Our team is continuously trained in helping those struggling with drug addiction to find a recovery program that specializes in drug rehab. From detox to rehabilitation and aftercare, we’ve seen how treatment can change a person’s life for the better. We understand that treatment is not a one-size-fits-all program. Our experienced team will work with you to find a program that will help you fight your addiction.

Because there are multiple options available for you when seeking addiction treatment, we want the decision-making process to be as simple as possible. Our addiction specialists will talk to you about your work and family commitments in order to help you determine if you would be better helped by inpatient or outpatient substance abuse treatment. If you have underlying conditions such as mental illness or other addictions, we will work with you to find an option that will treat these conditions as well as the substance use disorder.

There’s no better time than today to call us and start your alcohol or drug abuse program. Whether your addiction is to alcohol, prescription drugs or street drugs, we can help. Call us today at (866) 273-3660 to speak to an addiction specialist and start your life free from addiction.

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