Baltimore Drug Detox

What is drug detox?

Drug detoxification is a process commonly used within drug rehabilitation. It’s typically the first step of drug addiction recovery as it provides you with the means for ridding your body of the drug in question. This process is designed to assist patients in safely getting through the inevitable withdrawal symptoms that take place when a person attempts to quit usage of a drug they’ve become addicted to. While these symptoms are typically severe, a Baltimore drug detox program can help minimize the effects and severity of these symptoms so that you can continue to recover.

When you’re looking to enter into one of these programs, you can do so at either an outpatient drug abuse treatment center or inpatient drug rehab in Baltimore or an out-of-state addiction treatment facility. The longevity of the detox program you enter depends mostly on how severe your addiction is. This is merely the first step of addiction treatment. Once you’ve finished detox and you’re no longer going through withdrawal symptoms, you’ll be provided with a selection of behavioral therapies designed to make sure that your recovery is a lasting one. If you’re interested in a drug detox program, call our drug detox specialists at (866) 273-3660 so that we can help you find the one that’s right for you.

 Types of drug detox

Detox is the act of eliminating the substance that your body has become dependent on. This can be done medically or by simply stopping usage cold turkey. The latter method is by far the least effective as stopping without any medical assistance may lead to the onset of more severe withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be damaging to both your health and your attempts at recovery. The more pain you feel during detox, the more likely it is that you will relapse. On the other hand, a medicated detox provides you with medications throughout the process that allow you to get through these symptoms without many adverse effects.

Medical detox programs for substance abuse in Baltimore are available through both inpatient and outpatient facilities. Outpatient and inpatient drug detox utilize much of the same methods as you’ll be provided with certain medications throughout the process depending on the drug you’re addicted to. In some instances, detox may only last a day or so. However, it can last longer in the event that the symptoms are more severe than expected. When utilizing detox in an outpatient drug rehabilitation program, you’ll be required to attend treatment a few times each week for a couple of hours on each day of treatment.

The main difference with detox in an inpatient drug rehabilitation program is that you’ll be provided with constant medical care on a 24/7 basis to ensure that the symptoms don’t worsen in severity. You’ll also be able to progress immediately to the next form of treatment within the same facility. Call our drug detox specialists now at (866) 273-3660 if you require assistance in finding the right drug detox program.

Possible withdrawal symptoms

There are a wide array of different symptoms that typically accompany withdrawal from a drug addiction. In the event that you were unaware that you had become addicted, you’ll know that you are if these symptoms occur after you stop taking a drug.

While each drug carries its own symptoms, there are some universal symptoms that you’ll likely experience during withdrawal. These symptoms can be divided into early symptoms and late symptoms. Early symptoms include insomnia, sweating, anxiety, and a general agitation. Late withdrawal symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal cramping, nausea, and vomiting. If left untreated, these symptoms could worsen, which is why substance abuse treatment is so important.

Common medications used in Baltimore drug detox programs

When it comes to drug detoxification, different medications are used for different addictions. Many have proved to be quite effective at reducing withdrawal symptoms or preventing them altogether. Three of the most effective include naltrexone, methadone, and buprenorphine. Naltrexone typically reduces the effects felt during opiate withdrawal by directly communicating with opioid receptors.

Methadone is used specifically as a long-term medication that relieves any withdrawal symptoms. In some instances, usage of this medication lasts for years. Lastly, buprenorphine is generally used to shorten the duration of detox. This medication is a partial agonist that has contact with opioid receptors as a means of making the brain believe that it’s still receiving the drug even when it’s not. This allows you to safely move past most withdrawal symptoms.

Our addiction specialists can help you start the recovery process once and for all. Call us at (866) 273-3660 to locate the drug detox program that fits your specific needs.

Selecting the right drug abuse treatment program

Finding the right drug abuse treatment program to treat your addiction can seem like a challenging task at times. Thankfully, you have numerous resources at your fingertips to assist you in this process. You can speak with our addiction specialists if you have any questions about the facilities around your area. Our trained specialists can provide you with up-to-date information about each drug abuse program in Baltimore or out-of-state that will allow you to make an informed decision.

There are also a selection of questions you’re going to want to ask before settling on one program over another. Try to identify what types of care you’re going to receive, what the long-term success rate is for the program, and whether or not the facility has been certified. Finding these answers can provide you with a peace of mind that the program you’ve selected is a reputable one that will help you or your loved one break free from substance abuse or addiction.

It’s also essential that you find out which addictions the drug detox program in Baltimore you’re considering is set up to handle properly. Not all addictions are covered in every detox program as the medications necessary to handle the withdrawal symptoms differ with each type of addiction. Call us at (866) 273-3660, and our drug detox specialists will help you identify which programs cover your specific addiction.

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